Saturday, September 7, 2019

How do these people think they're going to get away with these bald faced lies in the age of the internet?

When asked by CNN's Erin Burnett if she would sue Exxon Mobil as president, Harris responded, "I have sued Exxon Mobil" to applause.
But Harris has not sued Exxon Mobil. As California attorney general, she launched a 2016 investigation into the oil company. The investigation, however, "stalled when Harris decided to run for the Senate," according to the Los Angeles Times. A department spokesman confirmed to the Washington Free Beacon that the attorney general's office had not sued the company.
Trying to compete with Biden for the most outrageous whopper, I guess.  Plus, I like how the article says she "inaccurately claimed" she sued.  
Almost as good as when Brian Williams was caught making up stories out of whole cloth and passing them off as true, usually with him as the hero, he was creatively called a "fabulist," instead of what he actually is - a wretched liar.
As is Slow Joe Biden.
As is Kamala Harris.  
These people prove they're unfit to govern virtually every time they open they're rancid pie holes.  Is this the best the Democrats have to offer?  Really?  They used to be a serious party in the old days, worthy of respect, but no more.


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  2. All of the Democrat cadidates are just figureheads for their Globalist Elitetist Overlords. They don't have to be able to think they only have to read the script they are given, either from paper or a teleprompter. Those that vote for them are totally mindless idiots.

    Had to delete and repost because I got distracted and left out an important part of a thought.

    1. picture the dem convention. none can win a majority. who will save the day? in the wings, behind the curtains, hidden from view lies the corpse of an old white woman in a pants suit with a throat slit into a Sicilian Necktie. standing over her is Moochell; bloody knife falling from her hand as she awaits the call...

  3. Why are there so many shocked faces - they've been doing this as long as I can remember (FDR)

  4. As the old joke goes. How can you tell when a politician is lying...

  5. I guess the investigation went away when Exxon made a contribution to Kamala's Senate campaign.

  6. There, their, and they’re....please learn the difference

  7. The Commie Dems....but I repeat myself..... Lie. They have ALWAYS lied and they will always lie. Their constituency is either too stupid or too evil (they can be both simultaneously) to care. To leftists there is only ONE RULE. WIN! And any lie, any atrocity, any crime is perfectly acceptable if it serves the agenda.