Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Your Good News of the Day: Tulsi Gabbard Qualifies for Democrats’ Fourth Presidential Debate

Whose guts will she cut out and spill all over the floor at this debate?  Almost worth it to watch and see.

At least the Dems will have someone halfway sane to help them at the debate.

Tulsi's last victim - who never recovered.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) has qualified for the fourth Democrat presidential primary debate, making her the twelfth 2020 White House hopeful to satisfy the Democrat National Committee’s (DNC) requirements.

After the brutal bloodletting, Tulsi goes surfing.

Gabbard garnered 2 percent support in a Monmouth University poll in New Hampshire published Tuesday, placing her at four DNC-sanctioned surveys where she enjoyed at least two percent support. The Hawaii congresswoman hit the other DNC debate threshold, which requires candidates score over 130,000 campaign donors.

Tulsi was a happy baby, and now a happy warrior.

Get your Tulsi gear here.


  1. I thank her for her service, but until she moves a lot more to the right and drops that 'D' after her name, she will just be a welcome diversion from the putrid stench that is today's Democrat Party.

  2. Earned pretty much government paychecks, not much from private workplace. So she's clueless (and shows it) on how the private sector works.

  3. She's like having a little bit of cancer. It eventually metastasizes everywhere and kills the host...painfully. Just another useless worthless lib, anyone who supports the Green New Deal is mentally retarded.

  4. Regardless of how good she is compared to the other candidates she is still a demonrat, she is still opposed to the 2nd Amendment and thus freedom and she still has NO BUSINESS holding office. You do NOT get elected as a demonrat unless you FULLY support the commie demonrats agenda of destroying the US and replacing it with commie "Utopia". NOBODY is allowed to run as a demonrat who hasn't fully embraced communism.