Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Your Good News of the Day: BP discovers 1 billion barrels of oil at its Thunder Horse field in the Gulf of Mexico.

That's a lot of oil.

BP executives are crediting their investment in advanced seismic technology and data processing for speeding up the company's ability to confirm the discoveries at Atlantis and Thunder Horse. BP says it once would have taken a year to analyze the Thunder Horse data, but it now takes just weeks.
"We are building on our world-class position, upgrading the resources at our fields through technology, productivity and exploration success," Bernard Looney, BP's chief executive for production and exploration, said in a statement.
Just northeast of Thunder Horse, BP also announced new discoveries at fields near its Na Kika platform.
BP says it plans to develop reservoirs at its Manuel prospect, where Shell holds a 50 percent stake. Producers also found oil at the Nearly Headless Nick prospect near Na Kika, where BP has a 20.25 percent working interest.

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  1. Let's hope BP shows more competence at the Thunder Horse Field than they did at the well completion in the Macondo Prospect in April 2010.

    When Rex Tillerson (CEO of Exxon) testified to Congress that he had never seen a well completion plan even remotely like BP's at Macon Prospect, my respect and regard for him became large.
    I saw the plan after the disaster and was seriously dismayed by the plan and the lack of any critical comment about it until Tillerson's testimony.