Sunday, January 27, 2019

Wild faux chateaux housing development in Turkey goes kaput.

When construction started in 2014, the Burj Al Babas was supposed to be a luxury residential retreat for wealthy investors from the Middle East. The $200 million complex called for 732 identical homes in the style of the French chateaux, each with an ornate facade, Juliet balconies, and a round turret fit for a princess. The interiors could be customized to the buyer’s desires.

The cookie-cutter mini-castles were going for anywhere from $370,000 and $530,000, and according to Bloomberg, plenty of people were already buying them. Just not enough, apparently. By the time the developer filed for bankruptcy, they had completed 587 homes and were $27 million in debt.

Who would live like that?  And after it rains and snows on those half finished "chateaux," how much damage and black mold will there be?  Is there a Trader Joe's nearby?

It's over for these guys. 

Hat Tip: Instapundit


  1. If I had a chateau, I'd want land around it and not an identical chateau next door. And it's Turkey, the newly minted Muslim paradise.

  2. What LL said; besides that, they're so close together!

    This is like a fairytale village made out of government housing, and that's no combination that I'd want to have.