Thursday, January 31, 2019

Your Good News of the Day: Kamala and Feinstein “deeply disappointed” with Trump’s judicial nominees to 9th Circuit

The White House on Wednesday announced a trio of nominees to fill vacancies on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, a move that comes after conservatives warned that the White House Counsel’s Office was attempting to cut a deal with California’s Democratic senators over picks to the court.

President Trump intends to nominate Daniel Bress, Daniel Collins, and Kenneth Lee to the San Francisco-based appeals court, considered to be the country’s most liberal, the White House announced.

Good.  There's no way either Feinstein or Pelosi should be given the time of day by Trump, let alone allowed to negotiate something so important.  The 9th Circuit is a clown show of regressive liberals and kooks, and an injection of adult supervision is long overdue.


  1. President Trump needs to stay the course with judicial appointments. The Senate will approve them and the toxicity of the 9th District in particular may be somewhat diminished. Another 4 year term in 2020 will be even more useful. Barack was unable to push a lot of freaks through the Republican Senate and left vacancies. Those ALL need to be filled.

  2. Filling court vacancies with conservatives may be Trump’s only achievenment. But it also might be his most important.

    I hope Ginsburg dies peacefully and painlessly, but I hope she dies soon

    1. I believe if the trumpster wins another term, ginsburg would look at the prospect of another four years and throw in the towel. one can hope she is a realist on the subject but, not being a fool, I am not going to hold my breath.
      I wonder how she stands on the constitutionality of the NY murder your babies law that was just passed.

  3. If FineSwine and Kamala the Kommie oppose them then that's a pretty good indication they are the proper choice.