Sunday, January 27, 2019

Tupolev Tu-22 comes in too hot in bad weather, breaks up and goes boom

That really is bad weather.  I wonder if the pilots saw the runway correctly in that near whiteout.

Hat tip: IOTW


  1. too steep a descent and too fast, it looks like. Flared just a bit too low and broke the back of the airplane.
    Easy enough to do in those conditions.

    Sad that 2 crew died.

  2. You'd think that they would have had a divert airfield on the flight plan with weather like that.

  3. Not one that you could eject out of...

  4. It looked pretty good until the last moment, so I imagine there was no fault with the pilot. I will congratulate the flight crew for about th best I think anyone could have done in that predicament. :(