Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Sheriffs in Rural Washington Refuse to Enforce Latest Gun Controls

Constitutional heroes, you mean.

No government employee or agent has any duty to enforce an unconstitutional order or law.

Regressive "Liberal" politicians, in their pursuit of power, will never fail to take your rights one at a time.  Just look at what Kamala Harris is saying she'll do if elected.

Klickitat County Sheriff Bob Songer is one of those allegedly refusing to enforce the controls. He said the controls are “unconstitutional on several grounds. I’ve taken the position that as an elected official, I am not going to enforce that law.”
The controls include a nine-day waiting period for semiautomatic rifle purchases, a minimum semiautomatic rifle purchase age of 21, a required gun safety course for purchasers, and an “enhanced background check” for semiautomatic rifle purchasers.
Democrat lawmakers in Washington are already trying to build onInitiative I-1639 by pushing bans on “high-capacity” magazines and securing a red flag law to allow gun confiscation.
Next, they'll try to take control of your very right to life.  Look at what the Regressives just did in New York, with their abortion until birth law!  Downright murder.  Next, they'll be trying to knock off the old, because they'll be too expensive to the state.
The national party just now eliminated "So Help Me God" from the oath.  Can't have a competing authority when you aspire to be the ultimate authority, can you?
I've never seen a quicker change towards Communism/Socialism/Evil in any party in my life than I'm seeing now in the former Democratic Party.


  1. The Party of Tip O'Neill is long dead. These new Democrats are bloodthirsty for lives of the unborn, and they pine with all of their hearts for a communist dictatorship with themselves as the privileged apparatchiki, oppressing the masses. And if it comes to civil war, then it will. President Trump's election gives me hope continually as he makes decisions that fly in the face of their wicked ambitions.

  2. Tip O'Neill (and JFK) would be unwelcome in today's Democrat Party. In all likelihood they would be drummed out and banned.

  3. The Democrats have become the Evil Party. No question about that.

  4. For those enough to remember, would John F. Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey be more conservative that many of today's RINO Republicans?


  5. If each side is so dead righteousness sure of their political position take the other side in an debate and try your best to win that debate, with an open mind, it is the only way to be absolutely sure that you are on the path to being the best you can be. and if you find the other side has some good points, incorporate them into your world view. the most dangerous human is one with a closed mind who refuses to accept that other positions exist with just as much moral authority as their own.

    I believe women have the right to control their own bodies.
    I don't believe they have the right to kill a child before it is born.
    women who don't want a child or to be pregnant with a child have an alternative to slaughtering their unborn child. simply put, do not fuck. see how that worked? no kids to murder.
    you think children are "inconvenient"? I can not find a moral position I can defend in a stand up debate where in I would argue that a woman;s control her own body by taking the life of an unborn child is a good thing.
    New York passed a state law allowing children born to die of neglect after making the child "comfortable while its life is discussed". who is next to be allowed to die of neglect; the elderly, the homeless, the mentally challenged, someone with different skin color, someone with different looks, someone not of the prefered sex, what? has the state of NY negated the "manslaughter by neglect" laws they have on the books or have they made just a little exception to the rule? a more ignomamous and unconscionable state law since the legalization of human slavery has been enacted by any government body in this country since it's founding. I cannot look on New York voters with any more contempt than I now have.
    any funds and investment i have in NY state are today withdrawn regardless of loss. I refuse to travel thru NY in any mode. I refuse to do business with any firm headquartered in NY state. I am done with them. I suspect VA will be next.