Thursday, January 31, 2019

The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) leads a formation of Carrier Strike Group (CSG) 5 ships as Air Force B-52 Stratofortress aircraft and Navy F/A-18 Hornets pass overhead for a photo exercise during Valiant Shield 2018.


  1. back in the nineteen sixties, the USAF considered how to modify the buffs radar for sea search. they had many good thoughts for the platform. when the USN found out about it they raised a shitstorm of protest. like someone was into their bowl of rice or something;
    I can't imagine their angst when it was discovered just how well the E-3 AWACS radar and sigint systems worked in an open ocean environment. I often wondered at the lack of willingness on all sides to do team building. so many of the different services assets and skills compliment one another that I find the parochial attitude of the different services to be depressing.
    But that is just me...