Friday, January 25, 2019

Wrought-iron 16th century Indian 38-pounder cannon, taken as war spoil by the Portuguese and known as the “Malacca Piece”.


  1. Makes you wonder how first the Portuguese then the Brits were able to beat them.

  2. Deliberately misquoting Al Capone…

    "You can go a long way with gunpowder. You can go a lot farther with shrewdness and gunpowder".

    From a portuguese guy that was actually next to that very cannon, and many others, in Lisbon´s "Museu Militar a couple of months ago. Time well spent indeed!

    But what really wonders me these days is what passes as shrewdness in our so called leaders minds in the west.
    As all the gun powder from the XVI century I´m afraid it is all spent and gone.