Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Ford Scout car carrying a Vickers machine gun. Operated by the Sudan Defence Force. 1930-s. Based on 1934 Ford 40 pickup.

That's still be a dangerous machine even today


  1. Which example isn't far from exactly what the LRDG/SAS used in North Africa a few years later.

    1. The LRDG was nothing like the TV series The Rat Patrol. Their vehicles
      were primarily heavy Chevy trucks. There was an Irishman in the group
      who infiltrated a Nazi airfield. The Germans were a bit smarter than
      we were in Pearl Harbor. They disbursed the planes put a guard on
      something like 30 fighter planes.

      This one man took out all of the guards with his knife in the black
      of night, placed charges on all the planes and calmly walked back to
      his vehicle parked a few miles away. Paddy Maine was featured on a
      website called Badass Of The Week. The LRDG was made of some of the
      toughest hard asses who ever served in WWII!

  2. I enjoyed reading about the LRDG/SAS.
    That vehicle, like those of the above named needed to be pointed at the enemy when they opened fire. I ask you to imagine what the driver thought every time he did that. HOLY FUCKING SHIT THEY'RE GOING TO BLOW OUT MY EAR DRUMS. I thought rifles that close hurt. I can't imagine the impact a machine gun that close to my ears.

    1. Looks like they thought of that scenario and placed the 'blast diverter' under the muzzle of the gun to protect the people in the front seat. I'm sure it worked like a charm (not).

  3. It would be a good commuter. It would let other drivers know that while you appreciate a classic ride, your intentions are serious.

  4. I can just imagine driving that on the 405 on the way to Malibu and Santa Barbara. :) I'd need a trusty soul in the back to handle the shooting or he could drive and I'd take care of that little issue.