Saturday, January 5, 2019

Yesterday, Mount Shasta, for about 60 to 90 seconds, was Illuminated by the setting sun just at dusk, and the entire mountain looked like an orange spot light was shining on it.

Very dramatic, very Lord of the Rings.

Mount Shasta fact:

Geologically, Shasta is remarkable for a giant landslide that removed the entire northern side of the volcano between about 300,000 to 360,000 years ago. With an estimated volume of 6.5 cubic km, it is one of the largest avalanches known on earth. The slide flowed northwestward into Shasta Valley where the Shasta River now cuts through the 28 mile long debris flow deposit. 

The last confirmed eruption of Mt Shasta may have happened as recently as 1786 and may have been observed by the explorer La Pérouse from his ship.

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  1. Mount St.Helens.....Meh

    But seriously shit happens, and Mt. Hood is a candidate. Climbed it twice. Another place to scrutinize is the Newberry Crater. I was fishing on East Lake, and watched as the (USFS?) helicopters were dropping seismographs on its rim about 5 years ago.