Sunday, January 6, 2019

Whipped up some nice lather on a cold and wet morning.

Colorado Razor Designs badger brush.

Used a Filarmonica straight, two and a half passes, decent quality shave

Teacher's Pet apple scented aftershave.  Nice menthol sting.


  1. How many chunks of soap, how many brushes, how many blades and how many bottles of aftershave do you own, CW? It would take a really large seaplane to haul them off the surface of a lake into the air.

    1. I'd pare them down to the essentials for the seaplane trip (weight is important) but you know, life is short, and stuff like this isn't all that expensive, and I don't golf, so I gotta do something with my spare change.

      Plus, Mrs. CW is very tolerant of my quirks.