Thursday, January 17, 2019

When I heard this news, I confess, I laughed out loud

No State of the Union?  Well then no government junket for you, you old wrinkled raisin.

Hit Trump, and he'll slug you back ten times as hard.  

The Bushes and Romney would never ever do this, which explains why their political careers are in freefall.

Update: Holy Cow!  Even better!

NEW: Per @ChadPergram Members are sitting on the bus as they wait to see if they are departing. is told there are furious calls going back and forth now between the Hill, State, Pentagon and White House.
LATEST: Among the Democrat members on the bus: Engel, Schiff Davis, Lynch, Murray ... (more)


  1. It's good to see a man stand his ground! Even better when it's your President. I appreciate what this man has had to go through in Washington. Not many could hold a candle to him, I don't believe....

  2. President Trump wants to make America great again.

    It would be a hoot to see Pelosi, the multi-millionaire, sitting in the back of the airplane in a middle seat with a fat guy next to her eating corn nuts and farting for the 20 hour flight. It would be a cultural exchange of Biblical proportion and the old witch might return with a new sense of humility. Nah, that wouldn't happen.

    1. Seat 36B with no overhead storage so she has to check her bags at the door, which end up on a flight to Russia.

  3. Love it, and I think Trump is just getting started. Pelosi et al have no clue how to handle our duly elected Alpha male President, partly due to fact their arrogance makes them believe they are the smartest people in the room. He is showing them otherwise, and as they triple down on their idiocy it's reaching comical levels. But tonight they started with the whining...serves them right...losers.

  4. I expect this trip was planned last minute. Pelosi in Hawaii, Hispanic Dems in Puerto Rico with their lobbyist best friends. Now this. Great example of how F-n stupid these animals are.

  5. I think President Trump will also revoke her free USAF special missions flight home to California whenever she wishes. She still thinks she's playing with the Bush squishes. She always was a communist idiot and now she's senile.

  6. Aren't these the same people that were wailing all week about the poooor poooor starving federal workers that were facing financial collapse because of the shutdown?

  7. While they were on the bus,should have served their supoena's and driven right to leavenworth !