Thursday, January 10, 2019

I've heard of this guy, but know next to nothing about him. This was a worthwhile watch.


  1. The Trumpmeister had my vote in 2016 and will have it again in 2020. Then, since he can run again, I'm turning in my voter registration card, because voting for candidates of any party is like playing the shell game sons a pea.

  2. Above should read: CAN"T run again. My silly typing Alzheimer's is kicking in again.

    1. I caught your error and read through it. I would not quit voting after Trump. We may not get the same force in office but we might get someone who is somewhat conservative. God forbid that a Democrat gets into office again because they and their machine will DESTROY the United States as intended and fill the hollowed shell with their tyranny.

  3. There is a fantastic, albeit long, interview of Brad Parscale by Frontline. The reporter was handed his head multiple times by Parscale. I found the conversation fascinating.