Friday, December 28, 2018

Your good news for tonight: USGS Identifies Largest Continuous Oil and Gas Resource Potential Ever Assessed

Estimates Include 46.3 Billion Barrels of Oil, 281 Trillion Cubic feet of Natural Gas, and 20 Billion Barrels of Natural Gas Liquids in Texas and New Mexico’s Wolfcamp Shale and Bone Spring Formation.

That's a lot of fossil fuel.  Do I hear a Saudi crying?


  1. The Saudi advantage (until their oil runs out) is their production capacity. They can change the price of oil because they can pull a LOT of oil out of the ground and get it to tankers. Or refine it and get it to tankers very quickly. The US has the oil and gas. The question is whether or not the enviro-nazis can block production AND infrastructure. We need President Trump for six more years and a Trump clone for another eight after that.

    1. shale oil extraction is still cheaper than ethanol to produce. somewhere someone goes hungry every time people pump ethanol fuel into their car. imagine that. it costs a gallon and three quarters of diesel to produce a gallon of ethanol. hmmm. damn shame the nuclear industry is stuck on tokamak reactors for their fusion experiments. mean time between failure is measured in seconds and they still haven't achieved sustained ignition. the scale for a viable theoretical tokamak power plant dwarfs anything people picture it as-think CERN-and it won't be just one reactor, probably six per system. and there is not enough helium in all Christendom to cool the number required. the math is plainly visible. econazis best get used to the smell of petroleum products because there is no magic superdoseit stuff in the pipe that will ease their burden, unless we go back to paleo living in caves. there is no "clean" fuels. burning carbon compounds makes CO2. doesn't matter what carbon based fuels you burn, it makes CO2. sometimes the wind don't blow, the sun don't shine the waves smooth out and the rivers don't flow. whatcha gonna do in CA when moonbeam closes all the gas stations and the electrical grid fries itself from overload when everyone plugs their tesla in at the same time.