Saturday, December 29, 2018

HM Airship R100 in hanger, c. 1929.


  1. Just as different is the hangar itself. Used to fly Hueys and would occasionally land at NAS South Weymouth in MA. Huge airship hangar made of wood. You could literally fly inside it was so big. Gone now. This was back in the 80s.

    1. Same thing at Moffet Field where I swear I walked in one day and found, way over there in a corner, 3 C-130s. They took almost no room in the hanger.

  2. The story of the privately developed R100 airship, and its government-funded competitor R101, is told in Nevil Shute Norway's autobiography Slide Rule, which I highly recommend.

    Nevil Shute Norway was a successful aeronautical engineer who became well-known as the writer Nevil Shute (On the Beach, A Town Like Alice).

  3. There used to be a blimp hanger down near Galveston, It was formerly Hitchock AFB, big enough to house 6 blimps. John Mecom bought it as surplus and used it for various business interests. I was told an O&G drilling company used the hanger for a while, since it was big enough to completely erect a couple of full sized land drilling rigs inside, to refurbish them. Thing was 200 ft high and 1000 ft long. Hurricane Carla pretty much took it down and left 4 huge concrete corner posts standing, there to this day.