Monday, December 31, 2018

Be like Elon


  1. Elon also wants to go to Mars. And bring lots of people with him. Again, be like Elon.

  2. No, don't be like Elon. If Elon was willing to risk his own money for his plans, then sure be like Elon. But his history is one of shifting all the risk to the taxpayer while keeping profit to himself. He's a corporate crony crapitalist and an example of what ails our country. Don't be like Elon.

    1. Launching satellites for one whole hell of a lot less money than the really big time corporate crony defense contractors and the criminally expensive, years behind schedule NASA SLS, plus beating the pants off of the European Space Agency, the Russians, and the Chinese is one hell of an accomplishment. Even if we paid 100% of Space X development costs, it would be a tremendous bargain. We didn't by a long shot, so it's an even better deal. Space is the ultimate high ground and where the future is at. I'd forgive Tesla and battery company and a lot more for what he's doing for space development. He's always said he needed to get rich so he could afford to go to space, and he's doing exactly that. By comparison, Zuckerberg is a useless parasite with no redeeming features.