Sunday, December 30, 2018

Trump just got the Red Chinese to allow import of our rice into their country. Let that sink in...

Next it'll be ice to Iceland.

China has opened the door to imports of rice from the United States for the first time ever in what analysts took to signal a warming of relations between the world’s two biggest economies after a frosty year marked by tensions and tit-for-tat tariffs.

“The permission for U.S. rice suggests an improving U.S. and China relationship,” said Cherry Zhang, an agriculture analyst with consultancy JCI. Zhang said she expected any imports would likely be ordered by state-owned companies.

This will be great for California rice growers, and probably everyone else in ag once the dam breaks and we can import there at will.


  1. The Chinese published health and safety rules for the handling of American rice in the same manner that American producers give Chinese manufacturing plants technical standards to follow.

    There is not much chatter on the I Hate Trump news networks about this deal that has been a year in the making.


  2. We either need to push fair trade or simply embargo all goods coming in from China either directly or through derivative countries...and nobody wants that. The Chinese BS has gone too far.