Thursday, December 27, 2018

Where I'm working now I've got a spectacular view of Mount Shasta.

Right now it's doused in snow - completely white.

I just now discovered these interesting facts about the big volcano: In 2002, scientists made the first detailed survey of Mount Shasta's glaciers in 50 years. They found that seven of the glaciers have grown over the period 1951–2002, with the Hotlum and Wintun Glaciers nearly doubling, the Bolam Glacier increasing by half, and the Whitney and Konwakiton Glaciers growing by a third.

Ice Age anyone?


  1. Went to high school in Tulelake. That would be the town of Weed in the valley. Been through there many times, played an away game on the their football field.

  2. Is that where the Shasta bottling plant is located?

  3. Learned to ski on that mountain oh so many years ago, as a kid living in Redding, at the old Shasta Ski Bowl.