Tuesday, December 25, 2018

This sounds familiar

Same thing for my Mom.  She used to say what a treat it was to get an orange when she was little - a real special occasion.

How times have changed.


  1. We're spoiled, CW. I'm glad we are, but we definitely are.

  2. When I was in grade school in the country, Christmas was still a big deal in the schools. Santa always made an appearance, giving each kid a little candy, an orange and a small toy. Some of the kids were very poor. They often ate the oranges as soon as they got them. Times have changed, indeed.

  3. I was raised on a dairy farm by foster parents and looking back to the 1950's we were poor but did'nt know it.
    We always ate well. Traded a veal calf for a neighbors hog when we needed ham, bacon etc. Traded calf for 6 months worth of turkey eggs. Never had much cash money but we did fine. Would not trade my years growing up for todays kids lifestyle.
    Paul in Texas

    1. Paul, Yes, I was farm/ranch raised and it was often hard by today's standards. But I was never without the love, attention, & support of my family. Would take that any day over the disconnect of today.

  4. Spent my early years living on a farm with my Grandparents, 1 uncle, and 4 aunts.....spent days chasing my Grandpa's plow with gunny sacks picking up potatoes, harvesting pole beans and green peas, and walking around in the summer chewing on a chunk of sugar cane that stayed under my bed at night....swimming in ponds, hauling firebrick back to the house from an old, abandoned house in the woods, sleeping under 7 quilts, heating water on the stove for a bath....fresh beef and pork, fresh eggs every morning....we thought we had it all....

  5. For our churchs Christmas program, we would get a small bag of candy and an orange.warm memories.