Thursday, December 27, 2018

Ordnance Outbound


  1. When you go look at the museum ships. Remember this. We sent over 30 of those to the scrappers between 1947 and 1956. ALL of them had five years or less in the fleet when struck. Many like the USS Alaska and USS Guam were brand new with less than one year in the fleet. We had Nukes. So we didn't need a real Navy anymore---Ray

    1. I agree especially the Alaska class Battle cruisers would have good escorts for the carriers and great fire support ships for the marines escorts

  2. Note that the guns don't fire simultaneously. The center gun fires first, then the left, then the right, within fractions of a second. It spreads out the recoil impulse and separates the shells out enough in flight that they don't interfere with each other with their shock waves.

  3. See

    Part of Tony DiGullian's

    A good site. I recommend the Technical Articles...

    That pic is probably USS Iowa (BB-61). She regularly had the US Flag on her Number 1 Main Battery Turret...