Sunday, May 13, 2018

Very well organized.


  1. My wrench drawer looks like that maybe twice a year.....for about 20 minutes each.

    THen I fix something and the symmetry and organization goes to hell again.

  2. I use several of the kind of wrench organizers shown in this photo,
    Earnst modular shelf dividers, and Earnst Socket Bosses and socket
    rails. I usually grab all the iron I need to do a job and when
    finished, clean them up and put them back. Hunting for tools
    is a bummer, but there is another reason having ogranizers.

    You get to see if any tools are missing at a glance. The greatest
    missing tool story in my life was after helping a fellow mechanic
    rebuild a small Ingersoll Rand compressor and having him bitch
    about my losing one of his pliers for an entire year.

    We went back a year later to work on the same compressor. Sure
    enough, Herman's needle nose pliers were at the bottom of the
    crankcase. I just smiled!

    I'll take a wide angle shot of my socket shelf (56"x24") under the
    lid of my top box. With the next post on tool organization, I will
    post it and copy the image on this Blog. I am sure that CW will
    cream his jeans. Here is a link to eBay list of Earnst socket

  3. PS I am so old that I remember the first socket organizer I ever
    saw. A mechanic at a boat repair shop may have been the first
    person grasp the concept. He took a peice of premium hardwood,
    sanded it, routed the edges, stained and varnished it and fastened
    a custom handle in the middle. It was a work of art! In my dads
    day, a socket organizer was a tote tray or the metal boxes the
    sockets or socket sets were shipped in.

  4. Meh ! Too anal for my tastes...............

  5. All Snap-on wrenches. There' some bux tied up in that drawer! Mine looks like that except that there is one drawer for inch sizes and one for metric. Leonard you are correct that you can tell what is missing in an instant. Makes it easy to get what you want quickly too.

    Might take a shot of my socket organization in the top of my box also. With 40 years of hard use it's not real pretty but still works very well.