Thursday, May 3, 2018

Uh Oh!

Puna, Hawaii residents report cracks in a couple of roads in and around Leilani Estates. No steaming or heat were observed to originate from the cracks, and the cracks are currently still small (no more than several inches across). These cracks result from deformation of the ground surface due to the underlying intrusion of magma.   Earthquake activity remains elevated in this area due to the ongoing intrusion.

People.  Get out now.  Get.  Out.  Now.


  1. Here's another reason to bail out of Obama's faux birthplace:

  2. Frost heaves where I come from.

    1. Boiling river of underground magma in Hawaii. Pele is angry….

    2. She sure seems to be what with Halemaumau overflowing into the crater floor and cracks like these in Puna. We rented a house there last time on the Big Island, is a great area, but Pele has not been kind to it over the years...