Thursday, May 10, 2018

Trump announces capture of five 'most wanted' ISIS terrorists - including top aide to 'caliphate' leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi - who were lured from Syria to Iraq with fake Telegram app messages

Ha ha ha.

You can bet these guys won't be released in exchange for some deserter by Trump.

Iraqi officials used the cell phone of already captured ISIS lieutenant Ismail al-Eithawi to send instructions via the app for the four other leaders to come to Iraq, where they were seized.

The encrypted app was officially named by ISIS as one of its favored mobile messaging services in 2015 and has been regularly used by the terror group for private communication and to spread propaganda. 

Al-Eithawi, who also uses the alias Abu Zaid al-Iraqi, was captured in February by Turkish intelligence and handed over to the Iraqis.

Get a load at these lovelies.  Sometimes evil just out and out looks evil.


  1. Yellow is the new orange.

  2. Get the water-boards dusted off!

  3. no. the iraqis probably have something more interesting than waterboarding in mind. all depends what the boys have in their heads and what it will take to pull it out. is the CIA involved? absolutely not!

  4. They should be drained of information and then executed.

    1. A wicked mind would execute them and then bury them inside the body of a pig.

    2. isn't that what Black Jack Pershing did with the moro guerrillas in the PI? worked really well for him but those terrorist were true believers. these people are just flippin criminals.