Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Tool Porn


  1. This is a prime example of old school machining at its best. Machinist
    square, feeler gauges, thread pitch gauges, a 0-1" OD micrometer, an
    old school depth gauge, plenty of rules, triangles, squares, and (4)
    veneer calipers, each capabile of .001" resulution. The round things
    at the top may be PI tapes. In the days before large OD micrometers,
    PI tapes could allow someong to measure a large diameter round object
    like a paper mill press roll to .001" The triangular thing at bottom
    left is probably a taper gauge. The tall thing at bottom center is
    a height gauge.

    It is amazing how much precision was availble to a machinist 100 years
    ago! The two items at the bottom are probably precision straight edges.

  2. Oops. The triangular thing at bottom right is probably a taper gauge.

  3. ohohhhh god GOD YESYESYES!!!!

  4. Damn C W this makes me feel old I have used all of these tools .