Sunday, May 20, 2018

Timing is everything

The trap has been carefully laid, and it seems that the trigger has now been sprung.  

The Obama administration officials are going bananas.
The Democrat politicians who participated in the weaponization plan are also going bananas.
Deep State is deeply triggered.
Welcome to the biggest political battle in U.S. history.


  1. The FBI/DOJ are now playing for time. If the Democrats can get a hold of either the House or Senate then all of these investigations will come to a screaming halt and the Deep State SESers will be emboldened to go even further in their treasonous activities.

  2. WTF is grand pa Sessions ?

    1. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is your current Attorney General at the Dept of Justice. Some call him "grandpa" or other derogatories because they wanted more anti-Deep State activity from him than he's shown.

  3. Bombs Away !!

  4. I'm not holding my breath. Telling the DoJ to investigate itself doesn't strike me as the best mechanism for uncovering the Department's malfeasance. Kind of like asking Bill Clinton whether he's ever raped anyone.

  5. I hope what ever committee is congress forms to "investigate" these claims that they put Mad Maxine in charge. C-SPAN would rocket up in the ratings as the entertainment value would be just has high as the congress's effectiveness at taking care of business is low.