Friday, May 11, 2018

The profiles of a red tailed hawk and a B2 bomber are virtually identical

Fun fact: The peregrine falcon has inlet cones in it's beak.

An inlet cone is something put in front of engine intakes to slow down the air so the engine doesn't flame out.

Anything that goes supersonic needs one, or something like it.

The peregrine falcon goes so fast in a dive, that if it didn't have the inlet cones, then the air would damage its lungs.


  1. That is so cool, mother nature is an awesome designer...

  2. Parallel evolution. Same body shape from two dissimilar creatures...

    Kinda like Kangaroos and Deer. Same basic position in ecosystem. Same general body shape. Well, except for the long legs on the 'roo. Both bounce around and can jump a tall fence. Both will kill your car quicker than a telephone pole...

  3. "Both will kill your car quicker than a telephone pole..." Nice way to look at it, andrew.

    1. deer taste better. trust me. as in trust me.

    2. Kangaroo tail is good, actually much like venison. The rest of the 'roo makes good cat food (though Aboriginal people will disagree.)