Thursday, May 3, 2018



  1. I like my Budweiser branded BBQ tools. All of the tools except
    the tongs have a bottle opener at the non-business end. Right
    after I bought a 5 burner gas grill, I got a bur up my ass and
    bought a classic Coca Cola bottle opener and mounted it to one
    of the side wings using a painted steel backing plate.

    I never do anything half way, so the next item on my list was a
    classic style Coleman cooler. After that, I hunted down every
    classic soda brand I could think of that had painted glass bottles,
    and crimp caps. I have grape and orange Nehi, Dr. Pepper with the
    classic logo, orange, grape and strawberry Crush, Bubble-Up, Stewarts
    orange and cream, black cherry, root beer, etc., for guests. Some
    people were shocked that these brands still existed.