Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Speed at rest


  1. That's Scott Crossfeld's(spell?) prototype sled. NASA never would let him wring that thing out. That one was strictly "proof of concept". Neil Armstrong flew the X-15 with the 1 Million pound thrust rocket. He's the guy that set most of the records in the X-15. He actually got his Astro rating/wings flying in that program, years before he joined "Apollo".--Ray

    1. When is America sending people back to space again on American-built spacecraft, CW?

    2. Not soon enough. Were I in charge, things would change.

  2. Plans, never fulfilled, had the next gen X-15s to go to orbital. Would have happened years before Mercury, if they had approved it.

    NASA has really screwed the pooch. Not doing advanced X-15. Not doing DynaSoar with the Air Force. Not continuing with reusable Apollo systems (the next gen capsules were 60% reusable, and probably up to 90%) or Big Gemini (a Gemini shaped super-capsule that could carry up to 12 passengers to low earth orbit.)

    Oh, the missed opportunities.