Friday, May 4, 2018

Somebody in the White House Press Corps needs to lose their pass.

Somebody had to translate the jive into English.  The spelling and punctuation is atrocious.  This is what the woman meant to say:

April Ryan: “Hilarious, friend! Glad to see another Baltimore native on twitter! I’m confident that if it evolved to fisticuffs you would fight next to me. The press secretary obviously isn’t aware of my violent past that small exchanges like this often lead to physical violence. She is clearly saying mean things to provoke me. It’s obvious that she is starting this confrontation.”
SRB: “I have Vaseline to put on my face so any punches thrown at me will glance off of it and my rings are off so that they do not injure my fingers when I punch her.”
April Ryan: “I’m am glad you are preparing accordingly for the physical altercation with our press secretary!”
Spez: had to retranslate after a little more study 
Spez2: I think this will help everyone understand it better. Her first text would be more legible if it said “That ‘you-don’t-know-me’ stuff begins fist fights....”. YOU ‘ON KNOW ME, SISTAH!



  2. Reminds me of Royal Marshall's translation of Boo Got Shot on the old Neal Boortz show. Definitely worth a few minutes to check out