Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Shave of the Day

TOBS Rose shaving soap, new Omega Pura Setola boar brush, smelling nicely of wet dog, C.V. Heljestrand Le Duc razor, Proraso green aftershave.

Two passes, no blood, quality shave.

That nine dollar boar brush put the hurt on the lather this morning.  Great value for the money.

Setting up the picture above, I noticed that the grey she-cat left a gift for her human friends by the back door.  She's very thoughtful, that puss. 


  1. I love a cat that's good at mousing, many are not....

  2. My cat is very selfish and prefers to chew the heads off first before presenting me with the leftovers. She does, however, artfully arrange them by the back door so my wife can get her bloodcurdling shrieks in.

  3. Great looking wood deck! No mice or cats here. Too darn hot.

  4. the cat takes rabbits here. she is a big cat. mice are a mere annoyance to her. what a huntress. black as a slavers soul.