Tuesday, May 8, 2018

On the way to Torshavn.


  1. Yes indeed. That's exactly what it looks like. BUT why is he under power. He should at least have a jib out and cut the motor. There is form that should be followed.

  2. If you start at the bow and end at the stern, the keelhaulee will be properly motivated to keep the engine off in future.

  3. proper keel hauling is done using a bundle of hawser line pulled port to starboard and back to port as many times as required until the barnacles are removed from the hull. by all accounts i have read, a real job of work while under way. never was done longitudinally as it was not able to maintain contact with the hull.this was actually a cleaning procedure devised by the Dutch East India Co. to clean the ship while afloat before copper plating was used. The British Royal Navy never used it as a punishment for insolent crew members. I would think the Admiralty would consider it a barbaric punishment not conducive to good order(the lash being effective and in plain view of all parties) and the officer commanding would have been relieved for cause. media accounts not withstanding.
    Pirates however never let a opportunity to instill fear and terror go to waste especially along the west african and Araby coasts. usually performed until the haulee was consumed completely by the denizens of the sea. saved the bother of cleaning up. Pirates being practical sorts....