Thursday, May 17, 2018

Not sure exactly what happened here but it sounded bad.


  1. The video comments have information.

  2. An uncontrolled departure. 8.3 g's and the wings didn't rip off. Probably a mil jet. Sounds like a civilian. Reference to flight test. Could be a company test pilot out at Pax. Looks like some kind of envelope expansion. Looking for where the little "lifties" start to fall off the wings.

  3. Not the same incident but maybe related:

  4. Sounds like an F18. Engineering test or flight test is necessary after major repairs. Frequently a pilot who's not part of a unit or in an airline part of the normal flight operations. Job is to take the plane out and test it through a variety of functions and make sure that everything works the way it's supposed to.

    I Discovered during an engineering test flight one time that aileron cables have been spliced improperly and the aileron would not recover after a full deflection under load. That makes a bad day.

    Just looking at the cockpit indicators it looks like during a zero-g multiple roll test he waited longer to initiate the roll to the left and may have subconsciously kicked in top runner in order to avoid letting the nose go too low during the ballistic Arc of his roll maneuver. Kicking hard rudder is how you depart or spin an airplane. That was a departure at low altitude and about the most dangerous thing most people will ever encounter in an airplane. Most people defined as people who are not having SAMs shot at them.

    I imagine that's what I sounded like on one of the two or three days that I landed and needed to change my underwear. Not a better way to spend your morning.