Wednesday, May 9, 2018

New CNN Poll Shows GOP Surge, Dem Advantage Drops 13 Points To Within Margin Of Error…

Are people this fickle or is polling so messed up that it should be taken only with a huge grain of salt?

On the other hand, maybe the contrast between the MSM message on Trump (Russia/Stormy) and his actual accomplishments has truly changed some minds.  If so, the big loser is the MSM, for sure.

Bringing home the three Americans from imprisonment in North Korea today has to have an impact as well.

If he helps bring the Korean War to a formal conclusion, as it looks like he will, that's going to be another big blow to the credibility of the media.

If he somehow engineers regime change to our benefit in Iran, that will be the last of the three famous "Axis of Evil" countries to fall to our military or our force of will.  And don't forget the devastation of the ISIS evil - that's going to be a campaign commercial all on its own.

Interesting times.


  1. The Barack Obama Presidential Library won't end up having much in it... good.

    1. Most of the people visiting it won't be the type that read, so it's a win-win.

  2. did a small amount of research on euthanasia in the USA, it turn out that it is a legal activity in the District of Columbia. why don't the libtards in DC take advantage of this deal and relieve the tension they feel over what The Trumpster will accomplish next?