Friday, May 11, 2018

Mississippi class battleship USS Idaho, 1943: she was fortunate in not being at Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941, but as a result was not as extensively modernised as those ships requiring significant repair. She served throughout the Pacific campaign, mainly in shore bombardment roles.


  1. It was built to win battles at sea, but time passed it by. I look at fleets today (ours and theirs) and wonder if we're building tor the next war or the last.

  2. She was actually of the New Mexico-class, along with New Mexico and Mississippi.

  3. Hi, there have been five (05) ships of the US Navy named USS Idaho in honor of the 43rd state.
    --USS Idaho (1864) was a wooden steam sloop later converted to a full-rigged sailing ship
    --USS Idaho (BB-24), a Mississippi-class battleship, was launched on 9 December 1905 and was sold to Greece on 30 July 1914
    --USS Idaho (SP-545) was a motor boat acquired by the US Navy in June 1917 and returned to her owner 30 November 1918
    --USS Idaho (BB-42) was a New Mexico-class battleship launched on 30 June 1917, saw action in World War II, and was sold for scrap 24 November 1947
    --USS Idaho (SSN-799) is a Virginia-class submarine currently authorized for construction.

    The image you carry in your post is specifically of the New Mexico-class (BB-42). If you search for the Idaho and look at BB-24 and BB-42, you'll quickly see the difference.

    Awesome intent though!