Thursday, May 10, 2018

Good Point

You know how for years, the pundit class has decried how the right was become narrower and narrower because, supposedly, conservatives were demanding ever more stringent demands for “purity.” But this exact phenomenon is really, literally-not-figuratively happening on the left, and those same pundits seem pretty okay with it.
As the Overton window in media, academia and Hollywood shrinks—ejecting conservative voices like Kevin Williamson, while opposing centrists in the vein of New York Times opinion editor Bari Weiss—that on the right grows.

Definition of the Overton Window. 


  1. for certain qualities of political dogma, the left is no longer near the "centerists" ideals. the left in fact has evolved into dogmatic slavering Leninist's who cannot seem to understand that history has already shown that the Leninist ideals of governing has failed spectacularly. from each according to ability too each according to need did not take human desire and human frailties into account. it did not even with a gun up peoples noses.
    The Stalinist version of the lefts ideal government failed because once people under their thumb discovered that it was possible to have butter and guns at the same time;they revolted.
    the lefts ideal of "pure democracy" has been shown to be a nice idea, so what happened to the Greeks. oh yeah. their society was built on slavery. not really what they want.
    the lefts real failing is that they don't recognize that somebody has to pay the bills and do the deeds that which need be done.what was produced in the 1960's in our schools has created the latest generation of citizen which does not acknowledge a debt to those who came before and are only interested in receiving the fruits of other peoples labors with out cost to themselves.
    think of it as a student getting a degree in theology and being upset that he/she can not find a computer science paying seven figures job and therefore refuses to pay his/her student loan because the degree has no value and it's just not their fault. so what do the kids do? journalism.

  2. The effort to fracture things based on identity politics has been marginally successful, but it didn't elect Hillary (lock her up). At the same time, the vast bulk of America isn't impressed by grievance politics and they feel that men and women should use different restrooms.

  3. well;(lock her up)I would not be against the rabble working in government if only the rabble had been taught some semblance of personal ethics and personal responsibility. I truly put the fault for this on the backs of their parents. and just to make sure the punishment fits to the gravity of this crime, the parents shall have these children live in their parents house (basement preferable without internet access) in perpetuity.
    such government jobs as explosive ordnance disposal and mine clearance always has opening for fresh meat. I understand the U.S. Marines would not be interested in taking them on. you can only polish a turd so much before the hands start to smell bad. the Army on the other hand, does have its uses.