Thursday, May 3, 2018

California splitting on the sanctuary issue.

Tuolumne County became the third California county to join the revolt against California’s “sanctuary state” laws on Tuesday, when its board of supervisors unanimously approved a resolution to comply with federal immigration law.
The county resolution followed similar action by Orange County and San Diego County, both of which opposed the state’s “sanctuary” laws, which are designed to shelter illegal aliens, in the weeks following the Department of Justice’s filing of a lawsuit against the state in early March.
More than a dozen local governments, mostly in Southern California, have since joined the fight against the state’s “sanctuary” laws, which has been hailed by President Donald Trump as a “Revolution.”
Tuolumne County is a rural county in the central part of the state and includes part of Yosemite National Park.
I'll add some local info, since I was born in Tuolumne county.  It's pronounced "Two-ALL-um-me, or Two-ALL-um-knee, if you say it slow and careful.  It's a local Indian word, of course, and the "umne" suffix means "the people," roughly, and the "Toul" is where the people are from. So, the Tuol people.  Same with Mokelumne, Cosumnes, etc.  And now you know.


  1. I live in the High Desert of California. One of the most persistant
    myths is that California is a lost cause. Less than a year ago, a
    survey found that 72 percent of California voters are opposed to
    sanctuary cities and states. I remember thinking, that someone was
    purposfully not polling on the bigger issue: Illegal immigration.
    A recent poll of voters shows that 59 percent oppose illegal

    When it comes to ballot measures, we voted down a handgun ban, voted
    for tax reform, the definition of marriage as between a man and a
    woman, denying immigrants state benefits, etc., in landslides. I
    did some research a few years back. Starting with Edmund P Brown's
    last term as governor, to the point where his son used a legal
    loophole in the term limit law to get elected to his third term,
    2/3 of the 4 year terms the governors were Republican.

    I have not seen the electorate this pissed off since Jerry Brown's
    first two terms in office. Keep your eye on the November mid term
    elections. I cannot predict a Republican majority in either of
    the state houses, but their will be some gains, and I can assure
    you that there will be a Republican governor next January!

    1. L.J, I hope & pray that you're right!

      Speaking as a native Californian myself, I'm "mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"

    2. Yet, that same electorate voted Jerry in and voted for his bullet train. I'm a bit more pessimistic, but I too hope against sad experience that you are correct.

  2. Some folks, even dems, are starting to see the light. Look up Seattle, Mike O'Bian, town hall to see what happens when people are pushed just too damned far. The main thrust was homeless camps of drug addicted criminals who have turned this beautiful city into a cess pool, with the ENCOURAGEMENT of pols like O'Brian, then the head tax on top of that. And the pols wonder why the tar and feathers are coming out!

    1. Once I read Ayn Rand, Milton Freedman, Thomas Sowell, Walter
      Williams, Ludwig von Mises, and F.A. Hayek, I understood That
      a modern industrial economy is a product of an immeasurably
      complex dynamic. Modern leftists are wedded to the static model
      (Marxist worldview) when it come to the subject of economics.

      P.J. O'Rourke once said that liberals view the economy a pizza
      pie.If one person takes an extra slice, the some poor bastard
      has to eat the box. He went on to say that the economy was
      capable infinate expansion. This is why we saw massive growth
      in the Coolege, Eisenhower, JFK, Reagan, George W. and the
      Trump administrations. I was in my middle teens, but I remember
      that That the Dow Jones Industrial Average broke 1,000. This
      proves O'Rourke's hypothsis. This leads me to your hypothsis
      (and mine.) Once the left swings the pendulum too far to the
      left, there will always be a voter rebellion. Trump will win
      40 states in 2020!