Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Bushplane parking, Alaska


  1. One of those COULD be yours.

    Ok, if not now, in a more perfect world.

  2. Replies
    1. Nailed it in one! My lottery fantasy involves an Ocean Alexander
      120 Tri Deck yacht. I want to cruise the Inside Passage all the
      way to Skagway, then on to Homer for a few weeks of Halibut
      fishing, Kodiak, Dutch Harbor (Unalaska) to Nome and back via

      As a disabled geezer, I have little left than dreams. One of
      them is a week in Ancorage after fishing near Homer.

  3. I'm in the aviation world and had no idea this existed. Very cool.

    1. This is the Alaskan version of a skypark. I would bet that
      half of the aircraft in this photo are delivering mail, supplies,
      tourists, hunters, etc., to the more remote reigons of Alaska. If
      you are a pilot in alaska, chances are you are a bush pilot.

      Capitalism at it's most unrestricted and unregulated best!

  4. paved roads will ruin Alaska. you just know what comes after paved roads. lawyers.