Saturday, April 14, 2018

Sort of insane, but it must have worked.


  1. Worked really well, since works racers (think this is the 1950s Benelli)don't count cost! Very accurate valve timing with vernier adjustment giving over 100 bhp/litre.

  2. Is it noisier or quieter? Smoother? Require more maintenance?
    Is it a babe magnet?

  3. Noisier (the gears whine), smooth power delivery because the timing is more accurate and maintenance on a works engine is of the (tear it down after every meeting type.

  4. Had me fooled. The scale bothered me a bit but, I thought it was the first experimental heart pacemaker.

  5. @ Robert The Biker: Wasn't there another geared bike like that? Not a pasta burner? My brother is a race builder and I remember something like that in the back of his shop. I thought it was a rice burner though. I could be wrong about that.--Ray

    1. They were quite common on Italian bikes, especially single cylinder ones. Benelli, Moto Guzzi, MV, Moto Morini, Ducati, all gear drive.

  6. +1 Robert the Biker.

    Desmodromic valves. Opened and closed by direct mechanical action, no springs involved, so no valve float at high rpm's, allowing really high redline. And adjustable valve timing.

    The all gear drive eliminates the cam chain and tensioner.