Tuesday, April 24, 2018

So, Bank of America has decided it won't do business with makers of "assault style guns."

It'd be a real bitch if Congress were pressured by constituents - in an election year with primaries just weeks away, mind you - to remove FDIC deposit guarantees from any bank infringing on citizens' Constitutional rights, since government oversees those banks like a proctologist's tailpipe scope.

It'd also be a real bitch if some folks started to shove slices of frozen cheese the same size as credit cards into BofA's ATM card slots, or caulk those suckers over, and epoxy or hard acrylic the keypads. Or just paint over the screens with black paint.

Be tough to figure out who did it at 3AM if they wore Obama masks too, huh?  Of course, don't do that, as it would be vandalism and illegal.

And if BofA has spare time for this kind of silly horseshit, it's clearly also time for the Treasury Dept. to call in the notes on those 2008 bailout loans. Tomorrow. In full.

And also, cancel any government business with those banks, and bar any future transactions with them by any government entity.  With a Republican Congress and President, why couldn't this be done, or even threatened, to bring these cowardly, virtue signaling businesspeople back to the straight and narrow?


  1. The term "assault style" keeps vacillating back and forth depending on which prog you're talking about. Some progs feel that "if it's black, take it back". I feel that black guns matter.

  2. the latest definition of "assault style weapon" from the pages of the NYT starts with the term "an object of any sort which emits another object in a linear direction towards another object of any sort in any ballistic path is an assault weapon"
    pretty much covered all their concerns. sounds like the definition the of the word "arms" the founding fathers were looking for when the second amendment was written.

  3. According to the specs cf mentioned, a bow and arrow or even a slingshot would be an assault rifle. And here I thought they were just talking about black, butt-ugly rifles of any type.

  4. goreg's has got the point exactly

  5. You know, CW - an imagination such as yours could come in handy, should things ever turn nasty.... ;-)

  6. I had a BoA Visa card that BoA would routinely tell me the card was compromised. They would cancel my current card and I would get a new card in 10 days to two weeks. It happened twice with a new card that only one charge to a local gun shop. They were canceling the card just to be difficult.

    I finally said enough and switched to USAA. No more problems.