Monday, April 23, 2018

An Imperial Japanese Army infantryman lights the cigarette of a Soviet Red Army POW, captured during the battle of Khalkhin Gol, 1939.

I wonder if either of them survived the next five years.


  1. sure. right before sending him and his buddies to the biowarfare test center down the road to be another test log.

  2. +1 Capt Fast. Unit 731 for those who've never heard of it.

    I met an old guy in Japan who had been a POW in Siberia for 10 years after WWII. He said the Russians built the trans Siberia RR using the best of two worlds: American trucks and Japanese labor. When he said their death rate was 10%, I was tempted to tell him what the Allied death rate was as POW's of the Japanese, but didn't.

    I met another old guy who said that America won the war because Americans all carried machine guns (a reference to the semi-auto M1) and could built an airport in one day.

  3. and on the other end of the continent the germans slaughtered three million five hundred thousand of the five million russian POWs they captured using what was euphemistically called "industrial methods".
    today, some people question the validity of hunting down german war criminal and bringing them to justice even if they are infirm. Serious questions were never asked why the Japanese at unit 731 were not tried and hung.
    ever wonder why the Chinese and Korean people have such a hard on for the little sons of Nippon?