Saturday, April 7, 2018

Silicon Valley Silliness

So one thing I had to do today was deliver the oldest daughter and most of her stuff down to Silicon Valley where she is starting a new job.  Dad has a truck, so you know who gets the help call.

While getting all the stuff loaded, the daughter tells me that her company offers a service that left me simply astounded.

It's called Booster, and it's a company that will come and fill your car with gas while you are at work, so you don't have to.
You call them up and tell them where your car is on the company's campus, then lock the doors and leave the gas cap open.  They do the rest.
They'll pump regular or premium.  Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised there are enough McLarens and Ferraris down there to justify carrying premium.

I guess it's an efficiency thing.  Work an extra half hour that you'd otherwise spend hunting a station and filling your tank.  You still have to pay for the gas, but avoid the hassle, if you consider gassing up a hassle, and your employer gets a little more work out of you.

I can't believe there's actually a company that will do this.  They only service San Francisco, Silicon Valley and for some reason, Dallas/Fort Worth, but I might be tempted to try it at least once if they'd set up in Sacramento.  I guess my town is too small, conservative and cheap to support this idea.

I encouraged the daughter to see how it worked.  I'm super curious to hear.


  1. I guess it might save her from a car-jacking.

  2. I'm guessing they only have to find a jobber who's willing to sign a franchise agreement.
    I think it would work in the Sacramento area.

  3. She found affordable housing within an hour of Silicon Valley? I have a buddy that has a house in Ceres and has a $300k job in north San Mateo that can't afford to live within an hour of where he works. He bought a mini-winebago and drives in Monday morning; it doesn't leave the parking lot until Friday afternoon. He restocks it on the weekend and repeats.

  4. three bedroom house, one bath, laundry, three car garage, large RV pad, corner lot, large covered porches, excellent Cherry Creek schools, near skiing, hiking, hunting, boating, fishing $880/mo. aurora colorado. I really feel sorry for you poor bastards on the left coast but you brought it all on yourselves.

  5. I use premium to avoid the ethanol. ethanol in the gas is a bad thing.

    1. Smart, if a little more expensive. Your engine probably appreciates the higher octane as well.