Thursday, March 2, 2017

Intense efforts to clear a path for the Feather River around the estimated 1.5 million cubic yards of debris chocking the channel.

They are also reattaching power lines to the powerhouse at the base of the dam so eventually they can run up to 14k cubic feet per second out the bottom of the dam.  Spring time is coming, there's no time to waste.


  1. And some connected construction/excavation company is raking in the big bucks on a no bid emergency contract......

  2. That would be sooo cool if someone was filming it in "tilt shift"

  3. It was nice to see the people for scale on the main spillway. It's difficult to grasp just how enormous that thing is. And how how much Earth was carried away when it failed.

  4. Did the people making repairs file an environmental impact statement? Were fish, toads, salamanders and spiders living in the area surveyed to insure that no endangered species hadn't crept up in the intervening years since the damn was built? They need to stop working on it. If I was a rich, elite, smug, progressive, a$$hole, I'd go into court and get a restraining order until the EPA could take a couple of years and a million dollars to study the problem.

  5. Being California, I presume that the working crews have appropriate balances of genders, ethnicities, and identities. It was the midget Bob Reich who said he didn't want all construction jobs just going to "white guys" (shudder). Some of the heavy equipment operators better be Filipino females, trannies, caucasian and ethnic minority lesbians. Else, the job can't be done because we know that the work force has to mirror the cultural diversity and all its wonders and strengths. Or is this an example of real work that lesbians and SJWs want no part of? I don't hear many calls for work force "equality" in coal mines and on fishing ships. Funny yeah but it is this kind of mental illness that diverted funds from things like Oroville maintenance to diversity programs and administrators (who get paid $200,000) in the UC system -- and other stupidity.

  6. Were the diffuser 'teeth' at the bottom of the spillway that damaged prior to this event? Another question (I am from Georgia): Did Trump release the emergency funds California requested for this emergency?

    1. They were almost certainly damaged by pieces of concrete flying down the spillway. I don't know if any federal funds were released, but it would be politically expedient to do so. This part of California is very red (really, only SF/LA and the coast in between them are blue).

  7. That video reminds me of being in Egypt years ago- and seeing the incredibly huge dressed stone blocks made into tremendous buildings.

    In Luxor, the tour guide pointed out a single block of stone, the size of a bus and maybe 50 tons, which was perhaps a hundred feet above our heads, which was part of the ceiling- and said that if this stone should fall, present-day technology has no means to put it back up there. I believed him.

    This video gives me that same sense of awe, with the tiny little human figures standing next to those huge concrete blocks.

    The sad difference is that the ancient Egyptian buildings are still (somewhat anyway) standing, even though they were built around 1300 B.C, while our modern concrete was built less than a hundred years ago and is already failing. Sad.