Friday, March 31, 2017

Authorities in Atlanta are seeking to question William Tecumseh Sherman in connection with the fire on I-85

I guess someone decided to store a huge pile of flammable plastic pipe under the freeway.   Some hobo probably set it off with his cooking fire.  Or the ghost of General Sherman did it.

Traffic is going to be just fabulous until they get this fixed.  The authorities there will no doubt be competing with California to see who can get federal money to fix their respective freeways/huge dam spillway.  
Add these to the border wall, and I'd recommend buying concrete futures.


  1. Yeah, the local news just showed their on-scene reporter 'discovering' several homeless cooking spots under an adjacent section of overpass. Heck, someone had even suspended a boxing bag from the overhead. I guess a modern hobo must need to keep in shape to fight off all the incoming illegal competition.

    One of the first statements by the Georgia DOT was that the material stored was 'non-combustible'; he failed to add 'unless aided by an accelerant'. And they IMMEDIATELY stated that there was NO evidence of terrorism. No surprise there.

    It's rumored local Democratic Representative Hank Johnson (he of the infamous 'Guam may capsize' statement) believes than without the burned section of interstate anchoring that area in place, the adjoining sections will begin to curl upwards like two facing ski jumps, and will, after repairs are made, pose a serious and permanent bump in the roadway.

    We'll keep you posted...

  2. I have braved Atlanta traffic and it's significant -- it's not LA traffic, but it sux. The missing span will make sux intolerable.

  3. A photo taken as the fire started by a passer by shows a number of what look like drums neatly stacked in the foreground and under the viaduct. I believe you can see it at the Atlanta Journal Constitution web site.
    They also report that three have been arrested in connection with this fire who have no permanent address.

  4. Georgia should find out what contractor fixed I-10 in LA after the earthquake and also use the same incentivized contract vehicle to RFP the work.....but they won't. I-10 was fixed in record time while they never really got around to fixing the damage in the Bay Area for almost a decade.