Thursday, March 23, 2017

Pedes snatch Shia Labeouf's flag yet again.

 After having his "He Will Not Divide US" political stunt stunted by guerrilla Trump supporters three times in a row, with the last one a truly epic effort, he decided to try a new trick.

LaBeouf reopened the live stream Wednesday on another “He will not divide us” flag. This time, LaBeouf upped the scales — and took his protest international.

Behind a locked door on the roof of the five-story Foundation for Art and Creative Technology building in Liverpool, U.K the live stream reopened.
But not even that was safe.  Pede's will not be denied.  Here's a shot from the actual operation.  Yes, they're Operators, I think we can safely say, stick armed and smooth faces though they probably really are.
Within 24-hours of the new live stream, it was reported that two men scaled to the roof of a nearby building and made their way to the flag.
A frustrated super prog bested once again by real patriotic Americans.

The tears of the progressives are sweet indeed.


  1. Maybe his little flags would be safe if he fled to the Himalayas and stayed there? Worth a try. He should take Whoopie, Cher and Rosie O'Donnell with him

  2. Well I don't know much about this guy.
    But I found this:
    Apparently he is a cannibal.


    (We should all thank Al Gore for inventing the internet...)