Friday, March 24, 2017

Just a little on the intense side

Unidentified Recon Marine takes a cigarette break at U.S. Marine base at Kha Sahn (1968). Note the grenade pins in his hat.


  1. I did two tours in 'Nam during 68 and 69 including the Tet. It was hard fighting for us. Whoever we were fighting be they VC, NVA, Chinese volunteers, Russian volunteers, N Korea volunteers, those punks were laid to rest. Problem is, if you don't kill the baby makers it never ends. The political leaders just keep grinding the meat.

  2. I served in Germany during Vietnam, so don't feel right wearing a "Vietnam Vet" cap. Chasing beer & women just ain't the same as what Bernie and others did.

    Once on TDY in Frankfurt I shared a room with a guy who'd just come from 'Nam. He woke me up at 3AM screaming that rockets were coming thru the windows! That was from his first day in 'Nam, having to jump out the window of his barracks to save his life. Stuff like that leaves a mark.

    It still angers me that we weren't allowed to win that war. Great respect to you Bernie, and all those who served!

  3. Re: the grenade pins in his hat. They aren't there for fun. Spares in case you pull a pin and don't toss the grenade but the cotter pin is borked up, and also can be used when you find a mine to use as a safety pin to deactivate the firing assembly.