Monday, April 16, 2018

The criminals begin to receive their reward.

The wave this year won't be blue, it'll be a wave of long overdue justice for the criminals in our government.  Pick your color for that surge.  They're eating their own already, competing to throw each other under the proverbial bus.

Read it all in it's glory, but here's a tasty bit:
It’s important to remember some background details here. Remember the day after FBI Director Christopher Wray saw HPSCI Chairman DevinNunes Memo? McCabe was sent home, his badge and gun rescinded, and he was told he was on paid leave til vacation with no access to cases.
Andrew Mccabe came unglued when meeting with Christopher Wray who told him the news. However, Wray stood firm, allowed Office of Inspector General investigation to run its course; Christopher Wray and AG Jeff Sessions rightly determined summary dismissal was warranted.
Remember also that James Comey and Andrew McCabe are publicly savaging each other & BOTH have criminal offenses OUTSIDE of this report yet to be addressed that will be by the LARGER OIG report yet to come.
Note: McCabe’s lawyer Michael R Bromwich is all over twitter claiming he’s a victim, threatening defamation suits against Donald Trump who isn’t even involved; note the GoFundMe for Andrew McCabe references they need money for CRIMINAL representation – it’s clear they know his indictment is imminent.
Then there's this:


  1. I'm sitting here (eating popcorn) waiting for all of these vermin to feed on each other - and it will get back to Barack.

  2. We've all been hoping that soon, the penny will drop. It still hasn't.

    The endless stories about all the sealed indictments are nice bedtime stories, but I want to hear some handcuffs snapping shut on the evildoers, and hear the judge giving out long sentences!