Monday, January 16, 2017

Where's my PARDON!!

When the First Family leaves the Capitol after the inauguration, they'll take a chopper (it will not be Marine One because he won't be the active president when he boards) to Andrews Air Force Base.
Our sources say at 2:45 PM they will leave Andrews on Special Air Mission 29,000, the plane that will take them to Palm Springs. It's the same plane that Obama used as president, but it won't be called Air Force One.
What'dya bet they find a way to stiff the taxpayers for the flight.  
Meanwhile, someone who isn't going to Palm Springs is in hurtful need of something from the Lightbringer.  Something that hasn't been forthcoming.  

Short days left before the Obama era, seemingly never ending, is truly over (graphic by Ace).

Read in a low, drunken, gravelly voice:  Where. Is. My. Pardon. Baaaaarry?


  1. Since she committed no crime (as she asserted all along), why would Hillary need a pardon?

    1. That's what Obama will say when he stiffs her!