Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The frogs see what you are doing.


  1. Last century, I had a beer cooler holder made out of PVC. An opening in the bottom of a five foot length made the beer coolers dispense as needed. The size you have pictured.
    One day during the "Build up" in Darwin,N.T. Australia, this weird sound started echoing around the place. Very like a Didgeridoo, Resonate, thrumming and very loud.
    Green Tree Frogs in the N.T. ( Northern Territory) Tropical, monsoonal, alien, and not conducive to human habitation. Amazing part of the planet.
    The large Light Jade green frog was a giant. He was the king frog. That accounted for the basso profundo resonance of his love call.
    Green frogs leaping out of the laundry tub, after a vigorous spin cycle, heart stopping moments when you feel their little suction pads on your neck. Gentle, but creepy all the same.

  2. Good story, Granny! We get the "peepers" every spring - they just swarm all over the place!