Saturday, January 21, 2017

Spicer was right, the press was cheating on the number in attendance at the inaugural.

Check out the CNN gigapixel shot here.

It's pretty cool.  There are thumbnails at the bottom, so you can click and it zooms in automatically on famous individuals.   Hillary is mighty glum.  There is a guy behind Jorge W. Bush with a hat who I think is Cheney, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, it does appear that the esplanade is full.  I didn't think Spicer would call out the press on such a thing unless they had the goods on them.  Plus, the Donald once again owns them, controlling the message for another cycle and humiliating the Democrats with bylines once again.

These press people will have to up their game substantially if they are going to survive this administration.

Here's the coolest cat in attendance.  Dunno who this is, but well done, sir!

Then there's Mr. Sulu, caught in the act of beaming back to the Enterprise.


  1. Why, of course the MSM will lie about numbers since they lie about everything. I thought that the press conference may have been a bit of over reaction.

  2. I didn't see much if any difference when the morning news showed a side by side of Barry's inauguration next to Mr. Trump's. If they weren't captioned I wouldn't have known which was which. My wife thought the same thing.......

    1. I'm actually convinced that the Obama inauguration was bigger, but that is because everyone in DC is a Democrat and can get off work, and the city is heavily black. All his supporters are right there! However, the gravamen of the argument is that the press made the disparity seem much bigger than it was, for purely political reasons, and hence the anger.

  3. Man, Bob Dole looks rough.

    I spot 7 likely security agents. Four of them have their heads turned to where you can see their ear pieces. Six are wearing red shields on their lapels and are surrounding the ex presidents. One is behind the justices and has a beard. His lapel pin is different, but his earpiece is visible.

  4. There is also the possibility the lame stream media will bait Trump or someone in the administration into every pissing contest they can come up with. He needs to stay out of the weeds or risk being portrayed as petty and thin skinned, more than they have already painted him.